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This survey is conducted by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute’s (UNICRI) Centre for AI and Robotics and INTERPOL’s Innovation Centre. Its goal is to support UNICRI and INTERPOL to develop a better understanding of public opinions regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by police. This is part of a series of consultations with different stakeholders within a joint effort to create a guidance document for law enforcement on responsible artificial intelligence innovation.

The survey is anonymous and should take no longer than 8 minutes. Individual feedback received will be merged with that of other respondents in a way that allows UNICRI and INTERPOL to draw broad conclusions about the topic. Personal information will by no means be used to trace the respondents. The findings of this survey will be used for strategic, analytical, informative and advocacy products developed in the interests of the general public, professionals and decision-makers.

The survey will close at midnight Central European Time on 15/06/2023. If you have issues completing it, please contact us at aicentre.unicri@un.org for support. 

Thank you for your participation!



This survey is anonymous.

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